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  • Lunch Punch Jumbo Silicone Cups – Pink 8,00 

    Separate portions for lunchbox fun! Separate food within a lunchbox – in a bright, fun way!

    Pack more variety – snacks, dips, sauces and sides all in perfect portions to fill hungry tummies.

    The unique zig-zag edges expand and fit a large variety of lunchbox sizes.

    Bundle together with our Fork & SpoonWrap Bands and Stix for a complete bento fun set!

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    Lunch Punch Silicone Wrap Bands – Pink 7,00 

    Keep it together with our Lunch Punch Silicone Wrap Bands!

    Wrap together not just wraps but hotdogs, mini burgers, crepes or veggie sticks! The easy to use lock in closure makes munching a breeze for little hands.

    Perfect for keeping wraps together, making it easier for little hands. Not only for wraps! Tie apples together after slicing or secure a bundle of carrot sticks to stay crunchy!

    Mix and match with Lunch Punch Stix to bring the full rainbow of colours to lunchtime!

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