One Lunchbox, multiple benefits.

Say goodbye to multiple containers, plastic wraps, extra bags and food waste.

With the Yumbox Bento style lunchbox, you can now pack a larger variety of healthy snacks that will be kept fresh & in one place until the kids get hungry, even if you make it the night before!

Choose which one is right for you:

If you like to pack variety of snacks, then the Original is the one for you.

If your child likes whole sandwiches with some sides, then the Panino is the one for you.

If you have a teen in the house or want to take lunch to work, then the larger sized Tapas or Presto is your go to lunchbox.

Accessorize & have fun...

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Customers Love

Stefani K.

Thank you ABC Lunchies for the inspiration!! The lunchbox is just perfect, has five leak proof compartments which helps me to organise my kids snack much better! The quality of the cutouts and of the very carefully selected products is amazing!! Thanks to the guidance of ABC lunches I can create attractive healthy snacks for my kids. ABC Lunchies, You are fantastic!!

Elena L

I was always a mummy who cared about what went in my children's tummies, but never the type to worry about how it got there. Some days they would eat anything, other days not so much. When I stumbled upon Yumboxes (brought to Cyprus by ABC Lunchies), I decided to give it a try and slowly but surely got hooked at how easy and creative it can be to present healthy food to them in a fun way. My children were so excited with their new lunchboxes! The bonus is that they come home empty. My picky eater even started eating more veggies and fruit. Their use is limitless: garden snacks, road trips, picnics, the beach or even just for movie night. Once you try them, you can't go back.

Maria C.

These lunchboxes have made my life so much easier. With the guided tray, I always know how to pack a balanced meal! Adding food picks, colours and shapes has made my children enjoy their school lunches so much more!

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