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Yumbox Panino - Neptune Blue

Yumbox Panino - Neptune Blue

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Yumbox Panino
4 compartment bento box.
Includes exterior box and tray insert with illustrated Space theme.
Ideal for kids & adults.
Ideal for packing a whole sandwich / work salads.
Holds approximately 3 cup portions: One 2 cup (470ml) portion; two 1/2 cup (235ml) servings plus a dip / treat well.
Pack wet foods like yoghurt & dips (not water or liquids).
Dimensions (closed box): 21.5cm length x 15.5.cm width x 4.5cm height.

Please note that although the Panino & Original are the same compact size, their trays are not interchangeable as the seals do not line up.

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