The Story Behind Yumbox

The Yumbox is a creation of two mums, Maia & Daniella, who were looking at developing healthy eating habits to children the fun way! Their inspiration came from a French school where the emphasis was on balance, variety, taste & nutrition.

The Yumbox houses a bento-like tray, with one lid that seals all compartments; it has designated food groups in the compartments to encourage & assist parents in packing a balanced meal; it has built in portion control; a cool design and illustrations to make this box more fun & exciting to eat from.

Yumbox is easy not only for parents to pack, but also for kids to use & learn to pack their own healthy lunch. It cleans easily, will save you money as you will not need any additional containers for food, and will help you to reduce waste due to the portion sized compartments. 

Winner of Good Design Award (2013), Little London Awards (2015) Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award (2016).