4 compartment Leakproof Lunchbox - Neptune Blue - Stars

4 compartment Leakproof Lunchbox - Neptune Blue - Stars

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Yumbox Panino Stars Themed Leakproof Lunchbox

With this 4 Compartment bento box you will no longer need to cut up sandwiches! It fits a whole sandwich, crusts on! No need for sandwich bags or extra containers. Pack a whole sandwich or work lunch together with a side of fruit & vegetables for a complete & balanced meal. It holds approximately 3 cup portions plus a dip / treat well, making it a perfect snackbox for kids who like eating larger portions but also for adults' work lunch.

It has a removable, dishwasher safe, illustrated tray insert that will guide you in packing from all the main food groups:  fruit, vegetable, grains, protein, dairy and a small well that you can use for dips, sauce or a small treat. 

With a single silicone moulded lid it means that each of the 4 sections seal independently, making it leakproof whilst keeping food in one place & separated - especially important for children who do not like their food touching! 

Easier & more balanced lunches start with Yumbox!

Please note that although the Panino & Original are the same compact size, their trays are not interchangeable as the seals do not line up.

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