Yumbox Tapas 4 or 5 compartment leakproof bento lunchbox

Yumbox Tapas is the largest bento box in the Yumbox Collection. It is great for adults who pack a work lunch and great for pre-teens, teens or children with large appetites.

The Tapas collection is the only bento box in the Yumbox collection with interchangeable trays (4 compartments & 5 compartments) as the silicone seal lines up perfectly with both trays. Each set comes with a 4 or 5 compartment tray. Purchase a spare tray for more variety.

Why buy a Yumbox Tapas?

  • Portion Control:  With interchangeable trays, the Yumbox Tapas is quite versatile as it has interchangeable trays (4 or 5) compartments, allowing for whole sandwiches and larger food portions to be packed.
  • No more spills & misplaced food: Yumbox has a moulded silicone lid that engages with the tray. Each section seals independently with one lid, creating a tight leakproof seal therefore keeping food fresh and in place. Pack wet foods like yoghurt & dips confidently (water, dressings or yoghurt drinks are not recommended as leaks may occur) but do not overfill the compartments as the lid will not properly engage and the tight seal will not be created.
  • Reuse & Save: No need for extra bags, multiple containers, plastic wrap and snack packs. Designed for children it is durable (but not indestructible).
  • Easy Cleaning: Made up of only two parts (the removable tray & the exterior box) making it easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe at 65c, but TOP rack only. To extend the life of the silicone seal, it is recommended to wash the exterior box by hand.
  • Food Capacity: Holds approximately 4.2 cup portions (950ml) plus a dip / treat well.
  • Dimensions (closed box): 24cm length x 17.5cm width x 4.6cm height.
  • Weight: 0.628gr
  • Food-safe materials only: Exterior box: ABS; Removable tray insert: Tritan; Lid: food-safe silicone. BPA, PVC and Phthalates free.
  • Recommended for: toddlers to age 7/8 & adults who wish to pack a work lunch. For smaller children you can choose a Yumbox Panino or Yumbox Original box.