The Story Behind Torune

TORUNE was established as a manufacturer over 50 years ago in Wakayama prefecture - Japan, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Born from a passion to create various innovative goods to make household chores easier and also to spice up everyday 'Bento' (lunchbox) for happy kids.

Among all of their products, their food picks have been receiving great customer reviews ever since, such as 'My picky eater definitely loves these picks and doesn't refuse to try any new foods' or 'Easy-peasy way to brighten up lunch'...

The kids who enjoyed these funny designs in their lunch boxes decades ago have already grown up. And, now they make their children’s lunch fun and adorable using the same products, just like their parents did!

Torune is continually adding a wide range of new lifestyle products to be used as a way of memorable parent-child communication from generation to generation.