Story Behind AbC Lunchies

Hello & Welcome to AbC Lunchies.
I'm Filio, a regular stay-at-home mummy of two beautiful children aged 7 and 5.

I have always had an itch for lunch-packing, wanting to ensure that my children were exposed to all kinds of foods and making sure they were also eating a variety of foods - the fun way!

My lunch-packing journey began when my daughter began school about 4 years ago. When the time came for her to start school, she (and I in all honesty) had a really hard time adjusting to the new routine and managing her separation anxiety. I remember I would pack her lunch and she would bring it back home - Full!

I realised that I had to do something. I wanted her to have "a little bit of mummy" in her lunchbox; I wanted her to open her lunchbox and not only have a nutritious and balanced snackbox, but also feel "at home" while snacking away at school.

After a lot of research and reading many reviews, I decided to make my first Yumbox purchase as I loved the design, the philosophy and how practical they seemed to be. Three years & one more child later, my passion for lunch-packing - the fun way, continues and has grown to add many accessories to make their lunch-eating way more fun!

You might ask, why AbC Lunchies? These are the initials of my children and my husband - the most precious people in my life!

I truly hope you will find products to your liking here and become as passionate about packing lunchies as I am!